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Software Download

NeedHim’s phone system utilizes the internet for directing phone calls to wherever you are.  All you need is a Windows-based computer on the internet with a telephone beside it.  If you use dial-up for internet access, you'll need a second phone line or a cell phone for taking the actual phone call.

 (NeedHim pays for the call to get to your area, but we do not pay for normal cell phone charges.)A small part of this system, called the Call Manager, needs to reside on your computer.  Click the link below to download the application. 

When your browser asks you to "Open" it or "Save" it, select Save, and point it to your Desktop.  This should put a white icon on your Desktop with a large "V."Click to download Call Manager.
The Call Manager program requires Microsoft VM (Virtual Machine) to be installed on your computer.  As of January 2003, this is not automatically included with Microsoft Windows.Click to install MS Virtual Machine.  
When your browser asks you to "Open" it or "Save" it, select Open.Should you already have MS-VM, you can run this installation package anyway without affecting your system.  However, if you wish to search for it first, open Internet Explorer and pull down the Tools menu.  Click Internet Options and select the Advanced Tab at the top.   Scroll about half-way through the list of options, and look for a main heading that says "Microsoft VM."  If this heading is present, you do not need to run this update.

Finish by installing any Critical Updates from the Microsoft Windows Update website.

Software Setup

Double-click the new CallManager icon on your desktop.  On the top line, type:


Then, enter  "Account Number" and your "PIN" that will be given to you. For women, account will be represented  under the name of Anabelle Heckathorn . For men, account will be represented under the name of Doug Heckathorn.  (Asterisks will appear as you type the PIN.)  Click "OK," and wait a few moments.   When the tool bar appears, make sure it says "Communication Status: OK" in small print along the bottom of the tool bar.

Test the internet connection by clicking the "Home" icon in your Call Manager bar.  This should make a new window appear with a dark blue background and a couple of lines of text.  If it doesn't, close all current browser windows and try clicking the "Home" icon again.Above the word "Phone," click the red check-mark.  When the window opens, enter the phone number you want to ring when you take calls.  (Do NOT use any spaces.)  Ignore the rest of that window, and click "Save."

A name and phone number should appear in small print below the word "Phone."  To test the phone system, click the green arrow above the word "Agent."  This will cause your phone to ring.   Don't answer.  Click the green arrow again, and your phone should stop ringing.

Answering Calls

Above the word "Ready" on your Call Manager bar is a large red "X."  (Sample below.Click the "X" once, and it will disappear.  Click the same icon again, and the "X" returns.  Remember to keep an eye on the "Ready" icon.  An "X" means you're not ready, and you'll never get a call.  No "X" means you are ready and could get a call at any moment.

When a call comes to you, a data entry screen will appear, and your phone will ring.  Answer the phone, and wait until you hear a "beep."  After the beep, greet the caller by giving them your first name, and ask if they're calling to begin their relationship with Christ.Your computer screen will inform you if the caller has called before.  Remember, we are not a prayer line, a Bible answer line, or a trained  Christian counseling line.  If they are calling for those concerns, first confirm that they're already saved, then quickly and kindly refer them to 1-800-488-HOPE,  let them e-mail counseling@redeemfamily.org or they may visit www.redeemfamily.org fpr more support and resources.To end each call, simply hang up.  When you're done taking calls, click the white square with a blue "V" by the system clock at the bottom of your screen.   Select "Logoff," and your Call Manager bar will close.While you're on a phone call, and another call is waiting to be answered, your computer speakers may inform you.  To turn off this feature, click the "Sound" icon once.

When you answer every call, please always  follow these fundamentals.

What happens if NeedHim misses a call?  After holding for a minute, the caller hears a four-minute, pre-recorded Gospel message.

Exception Situations

Hear how to keep calls on track. Each time NeedHim is promoted, the announcement says, "To learn how to begin your relationship with Christ, call ..."  The ideal caller is needing God's salvation through Christ.  You should spend all the time required to help them find it.

Some callers have already accepted God’s gift of eternal life through Christ, and are therefore saved, but think they need to do it again for some reason.  This is an assurance call.  Go through the Gospel with them, urging them to trust what God has already done in their life, once for all through Christ.

Other callers know they are saved, but want your help or encouragement for some other concern.  You can spend a little amount of time discussing their issue, but remember to keep that call as short as possible. The maximum given time for each phone call is 15 minutes.

Troublesome Callers
Some callers, unfortunately, are tempted to abuse the NeedHim ministry and the resources we provide.  They may call often, seeking “non-stop prayer” or "just someone to talk to".  If they have called several times, please tell them the purpose for this ministry is to present the Gospel of Christ to people who don’t already know Him, and ask them to stop calling.  Direct them to their/a local church for pastoral care and counseling near their area. Use our church finder.Don't encourage ongoing contact with any caller.  Don’t give out your phone number, email address, or hours when you take calls.Never enter into a theological debate, if someone is calling for that purpose.  You won’t convince them, and they won’t convince you.  Kindly tell them you won’t be able to continue the conversation.Don't be afraid to end the call when necessary.  Some callers will go on and on.  Others may discuss inappropriate matters.  If this is the case, do not hesitate to terminate the call.If someone persists in calling for the wrong reason, please make note of their phone number and email them to projectrefuge@redeemfamily.org and put in the subject/re line- TROUBLESOME CALLER. 

If necessary, their phone number can be blocked.Suicide Calls
At NeedHim, suicide calls almost never occur.  When it does, most of the time, they aren’t serious, they just want you to listen to them.  Stay calm, and remember it’s never your job to change their mind.  To determine whether they're serious, ask them what their plan is, and if they have the means necessary to carry it out.

If they do have a specific, detailed plan ready to go, then it's a legitimate suicide call.  Stay on the phone with them, get the attention of someone around you, and have them call for help.  They can get the caller's phone number from your computer screen and dial directory assistance to get a police dispatcher in that area.

Recording Calls

For each call, enter as much information as appropriate on the data entry screen.  Sometimes you'll get just their first name.  If they make a significant decision for Christ and need additional follow-up, be sure to get their full address.  Every call requires a "Result" - select whichever option you feel best describes the conversation.  Enter "Comments" as appropriate, especially if you suspect the person may call again.If the data needs to be brought to Administration's attention for follow-up or any other reason, simply click "FOLLOW-UP."  The data will disappear from your screen, and will be automatically sent to the NeedHim staff.  If no attention is required for the phone call, click "NO FOLLOW-UP."

View a sample data screen.

For salvation decisions,  a small packet of new-believer material to the caller will be sent, stressing the importance of finding a friendly, Bible-centered church.  The caller's contact information is forwarded to a pastoral representative in their area for additional follow-up.

Evangelism verses - (Right-click and "Save" the file)

The Christian Worker's Handbook.  (Right-click and "Save" the file)

RESOURCES: If you discern that they need some phone or e-mail counseling, let them e-mail counseling@redeemfamily.org  and/or let them call 1-800-488-HOPEEncourage them to visit www.redeemfamily.org  for more support and resourcesYou may send this on-line tract to them Someone Missing in your life?

Suggested hotline numbers.  (Click the "Print" icon in your browser.)

Volunteer Requirements

Please fill out the Volunteer Agreement Form. (Click the "Print" icon in your browser.) Please return to: NEED HIM VOLUNTEERS  c/o EYFMS, Inc P.O. Box 6063 Norco, CA 92880

Get Acrobat
Part of the purpose for NeedHim’s existence is to help train and develop soul-winners for Christ.  We sometimes call it “witnessing practice” because we have the opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ again and again, with people who are generally receptive and interested.  Therefore, we would like as many of God’s people as possible to be involved with this front-line evangelism effort.  There is no skill set too large or too small to participate.  We do, however, require the following:

Know Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, and be fully convinced that you belong to Him by faith in Him and Him alone.

Be actively involved with your local church.  It is important that you’re growing in your Christian life and fellowshipping with God’s people.

Maintain a consistent prayer life. It becomes clear that each call is a specific work of God through you. Therefore you must be close God's Spirit through prayer before, during, and after each telephone session.

Minimum age of 18.  Since we cannot always control who calls, unfortunately some callers will jump too quickly into “adult content” type of conversations.  We expect all volunteers to be able to redirect or terminate such calls as appropriate, and we must guard our volunteers from needless offense or disruption in their personal lives.

Review all of the training materials.  We want you to be as fully prepared as possible.

After reviewing your Agreement Form, we will give you the log-in nformation and  your slot time.    Remember all phone calls are monitored from time to time.  If you have any more questions,  e-mail anabelleheckathorn@redeemfamily.org



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