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Software Download

Click to install the Chat Software.

When your browser asks you to "Open" it or "Save" it, select Open.  This will put an icon on your desktop called "PHP Live! Support".

The PHP Live! program requires Microsoft dot-Net to be installed on your computer.

Click to install MS dot-Net .
(When your browser asks you to "Open" it or "Save" it, select Open.)

Then install all Critical Updates from the Microsoft Windows Update website.
(You might need to run the Update more than once to get all the necessary updates.)

Chat Setup

Double-click the icon to launch the chat program.  (If you minimize this window, it will appear in the System Tray, next to the clock at the bottom of your screen.)

Open the Preferences menu, and select "Settings".  Choose "Activate Auto Login" and click "OK".

Then, enter the following URL in the top line and click "Go".


Enter the "Login" and "Password" as given to you.

Select "Automatically log in next time" unless you need to restrict access on your computer.

Click "Login as Operator".  This will launch the monitor window with your name under the NeedHim logo.  You can minimize this window to your System Tray, next to the clock at the bottom of your screen.

If you're asked to install additional display software, select "Yes."

When you are no longer available for chat, right-click the PHP icon in the System Tray and select "Close".


Chat Operation

Make sure your computer's speakers are turned on, so you can hear the chat interaction.

To give it a try, click on the “operators” link, which will list all of our current IM volunteers.  Click “request chat” next to any of the other available operators.  Assuming they are near their computer, they will then start chatting with you, so you can get a feel for what the system is like.

Helpful Fundamentals.

Sample transcript 1 -- Curt (PDF).

Sample transcript 2 -- Rachel (PDF).

Sample transcript 3 -- Sharon (PDF).

Evangelism verses (Rignt-click and "Save" the file) 

BG HandbookThe Christian Worker's Handbook.  (Right-click and "Save" the file)

RESOURCES: If you discern that they need some phone or e-mail counseling, let them e-mail counseling@redeemfamily.org  and/or let them call 1-800-488-HOPEEncourage them to visit www.redeemfamily.org  for more support and resourcesYou may send this on-line tract to them Someone Missing in your life?

Suggested hotline numbers.  (Click the "Print" icon in your browser.)

Volunteer Requirements

Please fill out the Volunteer Agreement Form. (Click the "Print" icon in your browser.) Please return to: NEED HIM VOLUNTEERS  c/o EYFMS, Inc P.O. Box 6063 Norco, CA 92880

Get Acrobat
Part of the purpose for NeedHim’s existence is to help train and develop soul-winners for Christ.  We sometimes call it “witnessing practice” because we have the opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ again and again, with people who are generally receptive and interested.  Therefore, we would like as many of God’s people as possible to be involved with this front-line evangelism effort.  There is no skill set too large or too small to participate.  We do, however, require the following:

Know Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, and be fully convinced that you belong to Him by faith in Him and Him alone.

Be actively involved with your local church.  It is important that you’re growing in your Christian life and fellowshipping with God’s people.

Maintain a consistent prayer life. It becomes clear that each call is a specific work of God through you. Therefore you must be close God's Spirit through prayer before, during, and after each telephone session.

Minimum age of 18.  Since we cannot always control who calls, unfortunately some callers will jump too quickly into “adult content” type of conversations.  We expect all volunteers to be able to redirect or terminate such calls as appropriate, and we must guard our volunteers from needless offense or disruption in their personal lives.

Review all of the training materials.  We want you to be as fully prepared as possible.

After reviewing your Agreement Form, we will give you the log-in nformation and  your slot time.    Remember all phone calls are monitored from time to time.  If you have any more questions,  e-mail anabelleheckathorn@redeemfamily.org


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