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Abuse Recovery for Sexual Abuse Survivors and Friends: Information and online support for sexual abuse survivors and their loved ones, http://www.survivors-and-friends.org/.

Abstinence Clearinghouse: Access to character, relationship and abstinence programs, curricula, speakers, and materials for teachers, parents and teens, http://www.abstinence.net/.

All About Cohabiting Before Marriage: Christian-based information and research about the effects and difficulties of unmarried couples living together, http://members.aol.com/cohabiting/.

Bethesda Workshops Ministry: Workshops and resources for sex and relationship addictions, separate programs for men, women, and spouse, 1-866-464-HEAL, http://bethesdaworkshops.org/.

COSA: For friends and family members whose lives have been affected by
another person's compulsive sexual behavior.
763-537-6904, http://www.cosa-recovery.org/.

Desert Stream: Christian-based Living Waters Recovery Program, conferences, and information for sexual confusion and brokenness, 1-714-779-6899, http://www.desertstream.org/.

Esther Ministries (Wives of Sex Addicts): Christian-based support groups, information, and resources for wives of sex addicts, 1-662-842-0580, http://www.estheronline.org/.

Exodus International: Christian-based support groups, conferences, and information for those who want to stop homosexual behavior, 1-888-264-0877, http://www.exodus-international.org/.

Heart to Heart Counseling Center: Information, resources, and professional Christian treatment (including via the internet) for sex addicts and their families, 1-817-377-4278, http://www.sexaddict.com/.

Homosexuals Anonymous: Christian-based 14 Step support groups for those who want to stop homosexual behavior, 1-610-376-1146, http://members.aol.com/hawebpage/

Medical Institute: Educational resources on the problems of sexually transmitted diseases and nonmarital pregnancy, 1-512-328-6268, http://www.medinstitute.org/.

National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality: Information and referrals to Christian psychotherapists to help homosexuals who want to change, 1-818-789-4440, http://www.narth.com/.

National Organization on Male Sexual Victimization: Information, discussion boards, and reporting on sexually violated males, 1-800-738-4181, http://www.malesurvivor.o2g/.

NetAccountability: Software and peer support service that facilitates Christian accountability for websites visited, 1-888-580-PURE (7873), http://www.netaccountability.com/ver2/index.cfm.

Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays: Christian ministry offering support groups and information for those affected by a loved oneís homosexuality, 1-703-739-8220, http://www.pfox.org/.

Prodigals International: Christian ministry, support groups, and resources for sex addicts and their families, 1-800-535-5565, http://www.iprodigals.com/.

Sex Addicts Anonymous: 12-Step support groups (including online), information, 1-800-477-8191, http://www.saa-recovery.org/.

Survivors of Incest Anonymous: 12-Step support groups for those sexually violated by a family member, 1-410-893-3322, http://www.siawso.org/.

Sexual Compulsives Anonymous: 12-Step support groups (including online), information, http://www.sca-recovery.org/.

Survivors of Incest Anonymous: 12-Step support groups for those sexually violated by a family member, 1-410-282-3400, http://www.siawso.org/.

Tamarís Voice: Christian-based support and information for victims of clergy sexual abuse, 1-714-832-1665, http://www.tamarsvoice.org/.

True Love Waits: Conferences and resources explain the benefits of abstinence, instruct parents in teaching their kids, and invite teens to make the “True Love Waits” pledge, www.lifeway.com/tlw.


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