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  Mental Health and Counseling

Autism Society of America: Information for the autistic and their families, 1-800-3AUTISM (328-8476), http://www.autism-society.org/.

American Association of Christian Counselors: Find a local AACC registered counselor or pastor, 1-800-526-8673, http://www.aacc.net/.

Emotions Anonymous: Information and support groups, 1-651-647-9712, http://www.emotionsanonymous.org/.

False Memory Syndrome Foundation: Information on false memories and support for those affected by it, 1-214-940-1040, http://www.fmsfonline.org/.

Focus on the Family: Find a local Christian therapist, 1-800-A-FAMILY

Healthy Place: Communities and information for many psychological and relational interests and concerns, http://www.healthyplace.com/.

International Society for the Study of Dissociation: Information for professionals and the public on dissociative states (including multiple personality disorder), www.issd.org.

Internet Mental Health: Peer counseling, diagnostic descriptions for all mental disorders, helpful information, http://www.mentalhealth.com/.

Mental Wellness: Information, testimonies, and resources, http://www.mentalwellness.com/.

Medications: Psychotropic drug information and education from NIMH, www.nimh.nih.gov/publicat/medicate.cfm.

Multiplicity, Abuse, & Healing Network: Resources on Multiple Personality Disorder, dissociation, various forms of abuse including ritual abuse, self-harm, and emotional healing, http://www.m-a-h.net/.

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill: Meetings, information, and resources to support the family of the mentally ill, 1-800-950-6264, http://www.nami.org/.

National Attention Deficit Disorder Association: Information and support groups, 1-847-432-ADDA (2332), http://www.add.org/.

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH): Information on specific mental disorders and treatments, www.nimh.nih.gov/publicat/index.cfm.

National Mental Health Association: Referrals and information, 1-800-969-6642, http://www.nmha.org/.

New Life Treatment Centers: Psychiatric Hospitals, outpatient referrals, self-help resources, 1-800- NEW-LIFE (639-5433), http://www.newlife.com/.

Overcomers Outreach: Christian support groups, 1-800-310-3001, http://www.overcomersoutreach.org/.

Personality Types: Understanding and getting along with different personality types, descriptions of Myers-Briggs types, and online questionnaire by Keirsey to determine type, http://www.keirsey.com/.

Recovery Options Network: Chemical dependency & psychiatric referrals of all types (including low fee referrals), sponsored by Christian-based Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, 1-800-NO-ABUSE (1-800-662-2873), http://www.pachills.com/.

Schizophrenia: An abundance of helpful information for patients and families, http://www.schizophrenia.com/.

SchizophrenicĂ­s Anonymous: Support groups and information, 1-800-482-9534, http://www.sanonymous.org/.

Self-Injury: Information and resources for those who cause physical injury to themselves, http://crystal.palace.net/~llama/psych/injury.html.


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