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Coaching is different from counseling. With coaching there is no  psychiatric work, no diagnoses, and no " treatment plan ". People are  generally functioning at a normal level but want more out of life and 
their relationships. Coaching is most valuable for somebody who are  open and ready for change in their lives, and are willing and able to  move forward in positive ways. 

Coaching is a supportive, solution & action focused intervention  between an individual, couple, family or small group and our volunteer  coaches. Our volunteer coaches are available to make you move forward  in your lives. Each of our volunteer coach possess a warm and open  trustworthiness, speak the truth, and listen very deeply to your needs,  wants, concerns and dreams. Coaching is a very powerful strategy for  building and strengthening yourself and your family. You 'stay in the  driver's seat' and our volunteer coach becomes the co-pilot, ready with  encouragement, directions, important questions, tips, to assist you to  develop insights and critical thinking about your life situation and 
relationship based on this primary e-book Self-coaching for Christians. 

Your volunteer coach can minister to you face to face if  you are in a home or small group setting
Our first recommendation is for you is help you find a church or fellowship  near your area  where they can support you more on a permanent and long term basis. 

We would like to see you be transformed and empowered to change your  life for the better. Our resource for coaching is presented from a  Christian perspective, as we believe that faith in Jesus Christ is the  ultimate source for such to occur. 

  • Spending more time with your children and family?
  • Leaving the “Rat  Race” for a successful home based business?
  • More joy and less time  fighting with your children?
  • Finding more time to enjoy things you  love?
  • Making money work for you instead of working for money?
  • Not  being pulled in so many directions at once?
  • Enjoying a rich spiritual life?
  • Financial abundance? 
  • Communicating effectively with your spouse? 

Coaching works best when both the coach and you trust each other.  Coaching is all about you and you need to feel that our partnership can  benefit you. 

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