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EMMANUEL YOUTH AND FAMILY MISSION SERVICES, INC. is a Christian based organization whose main goal is to intervene, transform, and restore one youth and family at a time through a holistic (spiritual, physical, psychosocial) approach of presenting the power of the Christian message to their present complex and unique issues.

In order to achieve this, EMMANUEL YOUTH AND FAMILY MISSION SERVICES, INC. seeks to implement the following innovative and comprehensive programs to the youth and their families regardless of their racial, religious and socio-economic background.

I. Project Refuge

Crisis can take many different forms, including emotional, physical, psychological and sexual issues that can threaten and paralyzed a person for life. It encompasses people from different socio-economic background and age group. However, the most significant group to be affected by a crisis situation in our society today are our youth and the family. 

In a crisis situation, one or more essential attachments in a person's life has been threatened or severed (i.e. family, safety, faith, friends, etc..).  If nothing is done, it can escalate to other  grievous problems that will affect our society in general.

For those that are suffering in some form of domestic crisis, having an access to some form of help is the first step in rebuilding a future with hope.  Project Refuge is a helpline made possible through our affiliates volunteers and network of various churches/Christian fellowship / organizations   providing them prayers, advise,  information, and other support services. Every church will have its own unique approach but definitely will  include a range of tailored and integrated services with emphasis on sharing the power of the gospel message resulting in empowered choices for a better future with hope.

Learn more about  Project Refuge...

II. The Bethel Program

Envisioned in this program is to assists the youth and family with a structured, long-term, alternative solution to their problems before they become a tragedy.  Troubled, abused, and neglected youth and families are referred to various community agencies, Christian or non-profit organizations that are either affordable or free.  

Immediate Search here :

Community 800- http://www.hoyweb.com/lh/hotline.htm

Community 800- http://www.hoyweb.com/lh/helpline.htm

In-house sponsorship will also be provided on a case-to-case basis to a disadvantaged youth whose family cannot either support, or cannot even afford the minimal fee requirement of some of these agencies/organization whose services may  include drug and alcohol rehabilitation, mental health counseling and other intervention programs.

We can refer and license Christian families through Walden Family Services, Inc to provide both center based and home based crisis care to children who are abused and neglected.  Support services depending upon the unique needs of each family will be given. The home placements are made strictly on a voluntary basis by the parent or guardian of the child and/or  court ordered placements.

For other referral services, mainly elders, please click here

Free Referral  Services That  We Offer
Outside California, call the toll-free service elder care  at 1-800-677-1116 

III. Joseph Re-store Program

A recycling program which receives donations from the community and a variety of sources to help support the efforts of the Emmanuel Youth & Family Missions, Inc.  Donations and proceeds from the Joseph Re-store Program will benefit recipients with, but not limited to, necessities such as food, clothing, medical assistance, and transportation needs. 

IV. The Hope Family Outreach Mission  Program

A program to provide workshop like training on a variety of topics designed to empower the youth and their families in the community to meet the challenges of daily life associated with successful living.  The Hope Family Outreach Mission Program will offer this workshop for free via sponsorship and they are available through  Water of Life Community Church
Examples of the  classes are:
a) Parenting Classes Seminars
b) Christian Family Development Seminars 
c) Christian Financial Seminars
d) Christian Marital Conflict Resolution Seminars
e)  Youth Development Seminars
f) Others

See our workshop/seminar details and schedule here

Various civic, non-profit, and community based agencies will be invited to lend support in terms of additional information; and/or to promote their various programs that the youth and family can benefit from.

V. The Good News Coaching Program 
The Good News Coaching Program will act as a catalyst to help the youth and family reach their full potential as a human being, being transformed in the image of God daily, capable of establishing an orderly lifestyle and restoring a  relationship that offers  compassion  and reconciliation  to one another.
Included in the  program, are the following services:

A. Brief Scriptural - this is of a short-term type lasting between 1-30 days time.  The Christian message is shared to change the mindset of the youth and family.   If mental instability/illness is evident, immediate referral to a mental health professional will be carried out. 
B. Family Cohesion -  it  is a  type  of  good news sharing  where the youth and his/her family will learn the principles of building an honorable, functioning and God fearing families.
C. Abundant Life Skills -  is available to those who are interested to grow in Christ and be guided by the Word of God.
D. Road to Recovery- is for recovering addicts and/or those who find themselves in a cycle of fear, violence, and other abusive behaviors. We will use materials that were adapted by Water of Life Community Church

All materials  will be sent via e-mail in lesson form and/or audio teaching.
The intended group for this service is not limited to youths and their families.  This service is open to all individuals 18 years old and above.

VI. The "Walking with Jesus" Program

It is a free biblical materials program for children in order to create  KIDS Clubs 4 Jesus   revealing the life and the love of Jesus to children by planting God's Word in their hearts and minds and eventually  transforming  their lives for the better.  Most of the  lessons contains a picture of the Bible scene, Bible Text, a Map, City and Cultural Topics, Memory Verses, Key Story Points, Devotional, Bible Quiz, Coloring Page, Word Search, and a Crossword Puzzle and other activities.  All materials are all downloadable. 


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EYFMS, Inc is Recognized Endorsed and Accredited
with the United Association of Christian Chaplains and Counselors, Intl (UACCI.us)